A Friend’ Skin Care Routine!

I was once having a conversation with a friend. Let’s call him Mr. X. So Mr. X told me that his skin felt extra smooth and soft that day. When I asked how, he said he did a variety of steps of a skin care routine, having heard about the benefits from his mother.

Now, this came as a pleasant surprise to me, because a lot of guys who I’ve come across with do not give in some extra time for their skin. For example, I have a friend with very sensitive skin, so I just asked him to apply a layer of Aloe Vera gel before going to bed and he wasn’t ready to do that either.

Nevertheless, I found this routine of Mr. X very interesting and definitely worth sharing.

Firstly, he splashed his face with raw milk. Yes, splashed or I should say, Slapped! Raw milk is a really good dirt cleanser. He did this twice or thrice. Then after washing his face he applied lemon juice. After another wash, honey and then in the end he applied curd. After these many steps, he was really lazy to apply the papaya. I told him that you could just mix honey, curd and lemon in one go and then apply but the reply I got was so obvious.

“If I mixed them up, then each of their quantities would have decreased, and so the effectiveness as well.” he said.

But this is a very wrong perception. All of those ingredients have different advantages or action on your skin. But using them separately or together will not make a difference to how they work and to what extent. If you have a dark complexion, executing these steps will not lighten your complexion to an unimaginable extent. You would only just be tiring yourself. Your skin will only take in the nutrition that is in its capacity, just like plants drink in only a certain amount of water they require and let the rest flow away. So using more amounts of natural products won’t make your skin extra radiant. Also, the outcome of natural skin care routines is not going to be instantaneous. Patience and belief is what you must have for these to work!

Now Readers, I would really insist you all to take care of your skin. It is really important to do so because a happy skin results always, in a happy YOU. Your skin needs your care, concern and love to be happy. Also, the natural or DIY skin care products work equally well for both men and women, just the variety of products required by them varies. So, the DIYs that I put up on my blog can be used by both of them. Start pampering your skin people and have a good day! 🙂




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  1. Raj says:

    Lovely write up, and beautiful design of the site… well done!


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