Grapes to Raisins, Under Your Care!

I’m a big fan of the Grapes and its products, Raisins. I mean, I can just eat them any time. So while we have raisins in the house round the year, grapes make their appearance only during a particular time of the year, which I term: The Grapes Season. It’s such a delightful sight to see every fruits and vegetables store having bunches of ripe grapes and also the fruit vendors pushing carts laden with them. It’s a happy season for me!

My dad, knowing how much I love grapes, gets them for me literally each and every day during The Grapes Season. Not just that, he, himself washes them properly and gives me a bowl full of Grapes every evening. Well Dad’s Love for the Daughter. However, there are times when we have such a huge stock of grapes that they cannot be finished even if all the four of us would eat them(By all four of us, I mean my Parents, my brother and myself.), which doesn’t happen as my brother is never close to eating neither grapes nor raisins.

This time, my Mom came up with the idea of making raisins out of the grapes. A consequence of frequently browsing the Internet and connecting with various groups on social media for a variety of food recipes, art, handicrafts etc. So here is how she dried the grapes to get the raisins.


  • Water 500 ml
  • Baking/Meetha soda 1/4th tsp
  • Cooking oil 1/4th tsp
  • Grapes 250 gm


  • Boil the water a high flame.
  • To this boiling water, add the baking/meetha soda and cooking oil.
  • Immediately add the grapes and soak them in the water on the high flame for about 30 seconds.
  • Note that the water will stop boiling, but do not wait for it to start boiling again. 30 seconds is all you need to soak the grapes.
  • Now strain out the hot water and wash the grapes thoroughly with cold water. You’ll notice a change of colour in the grapes by now.
  • Dry the grapes in the hot sunlight for the next 3-4 days and your raisins will be ready!

Also, the taste of your homemade raisins is going to be a little different from the ones you get outside. Well at least it was different for us. But then the techniques are different and also the grape variety chosen to do this will matter. Sour grapes, for example, will give sour raisins, while sweet ones result in sweet raisins. My recommendation will be to choose the sweet and sour grapes that are not too sour and not too sweet. Also the weight of your raisins is going to be way too lesser than the grapes, as obviously the grapes held the weight of water with the raisins lack. So that was it guys. It’s so simple. Now, you can just try this out yourself, and do comment down how did it come out for you!

PS : Don’t mind the bad photography.

Until next time now! 🙂



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