DIY Cute Little Containers

All of us must be very familiar with the act of drinking fizzy drinks, or mango juices that come in plastic bottles, for eg. Coca Cola, and then throwing the bottles away. Well, definitely, the plastic bottle should be thrown away because it is not hygienic to reuse it again, but you can spare the bottle cap part!



In the recent past, I’ve discovered an amazing use of these bottle caps with the top of the bottles that they are screwed to in order to shut the bottles. Well, can you guess what use am I talking about? Am sure it’s not that difficult! Well, yes, these can be used to make yourselves tiny little, customised containers. You can use these containers to store your DIY lip balms or liquid highlighters, or studs, rings, leftover cream that cannot be squeezed out of the tube’s nozzle(Cut out the back and pour out into the container) etc. You can store anything that you would like to.



So let’s get in straight as to how to do it!

Materials Required:

  • A bottle
  • Knife
  • A candle
  • Scissors
  • Fevi bond/Fevi quick/Flex quick

How to do it?

  • Firstly, wash out the bottles thoroughly and let them dry.
  • Now, take a strong knife and heat the blade of it using the flame from a gas stove. Heating this way will be faster than when done using a candle, also no soot formation takes place. Heat the blade for about 45 seconds and then slice away the top portion of the bottle along with the cap, i.e., below the coloured line around the portion.



This can seem to be a tedious task, but if the knife is well heated and cleans, it is as             easy as slicing a potato!

  • If the slicing was not even, then take a lit candle, and polish the lower surface until even, by melting slightly by the flame of the candle and pressing it down on a flat newspaper.



  • Try unscrewing and screwing the cap. Works well? Your container body is ready!
  • To cover the open lower part of the container, cut out 2 small plastic pieces out of the bottle’s circular surface. One as a square large enough to cover the lower side and the other one as a circle small enough to fit inside the container.


  • Now, paste the square shaped piece on the rim of the open lower side using fevi bond or fevi quick or flex quick. Cut out the sharp edges. Now melt the excess plastic piece protruding out and stick it to the container body when molten by pressing it down on the newspaper. This should seal the container well from outside.
  • Now take the circular piece and stick in to the lower surface inside the container using fevi bond or fevi quick or flex quick, making sure no burned plastic or glue is on the inside of the container.


  • Ta-da! Our basic container is READY!
  • Decorate it as you would wish by painting, sticking coloured stones, pieces of cloth, mirrors etc.

I decided to decorate them in glitters, as I am not much of a crafty person. Well, the glitter did end up being a littleexcess, but I have the child in me jumping and dancing whenever I see them! 😛

Glittery Bottle Cap Containers

You can choose your size of the containers by using the various sizes of bottle caps. If made well, you could even gift them to your friends with a little gift hidden in or a note or anything you like. Or just use them to stylise your wardrobe. So go on, explore the creativity hidden in you!

Until next time! 🙂


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