Your Hair’s Best Friends (Part 2)

So here’s all about your hair’s second best friend, Aloe Vera Gel. Well aloe vera gel can be not just your hairs, but your best friend. It’s good and works best for face, body etc as well. It’s used to avoid and cure pimples, rashes, cuts anything. I literally have aloe vera as a major content in everything, be it my soap, face wash, shampoo anything. I can write a complete post about it and that would sum up to 1000+ words.
Coming to aloe vera gel for your hair, it is a magical thing. It can solve all your hair issues right from hair fall, dandruff, dry hair to a complete and healthy hair growth, it can do anything and everything. It can reduce hair fall, it moisturises your dry hair, it removes and prevents dandruff, it can be used as a conditioner, it’s used in various hair masks, it acts as a heat resistant serum, it can help stylise your hair, and it comes as a boon to girls with curly hair, just rub on a half a teaspoon of aloe vera gel on to your hair from roots to tips and you will have smooth, manageable hair instantly.
So here are a few ways to use aloe vera gel for your hair,
• The best way to use it goes like this, mix aloe vera gel and coconut oil in 1:2 ratio and massage this onto your hair and leave it overnight. When mixing make sure to stir up the gel till it gets a little opaque and then add the oil, else they are immiscible. This massage will make your hair extremely soft after the wash and also reduces hair fall, split ends etc.
• Mix in equal amounts of pure drinking water and aloe vera gel and pour the mixture in a spray bottle, add 1-2 drops of glycerine and shake well. There you’ll have a leave in conditioner ready. It also acts as a heat resistant spray, hair serum etc. You can just carry it around and spray it anytime when you feel your hair is dry or painfully tangled.
• To eradicate dandruff, rub in some aloe vera gel onto your scalp and leave for 10 minutes before washing your hair.
• Don’t forget to add a good amount of aloe vera gel in any hair mask you use.
• Applying a good generous amount of aloe vera gel, probably directly from the leave itself and then straightening your hair will make the hair last straight longer and also protect your hair from the heat.
• To stylise your hair, just take some aloe vera gel on your palm and run your hands through the length of your hair, scrunching the ends. Comb well and you are good to go!
There’s lot more to this, but that would make the post really long. I’ll squeeze in more in the upcoming posts.
Until next time! 🙂


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