The Birthday Day!

So here’s the big post! All about my 2k17 birthday. So I turned 19 this Monday and it was such a beautiful birthday that I had. Frankly, I wasn’t even close to being excited about it. That was because, having a birthday in May, meant holidays, cousins, a different place and everything. Yes, my birthdays were usually with family and my parents wouldn’t be with me and I haven’t ever celebrated my birthday with friends on the birthday day except just once. And well, that year was the only a year I had a birthday with my friends.

So what happened this year was that, I had moved out to the area close to my college, far away from home. And being in Christ means not having your friends around during holidays and I was in town, which is rare during vacation. So this year, no cousins, no friends, just me and my family, mostly just me and mom. Somehow, I came to decide that, alright this will be a different one, a peaceful one where I just chill out at home and have a birthday with myself and my family.

It started before 12, I had a couple of friends fighting over who’s going to stay online and wish me first, and they were soon joined by a third friend as well. And then the clock strikes 12 and lights go off. I had a cake to cut and a scary party popper! My family was so excited about celebrating my birthday, it was a first in ages. This time at 12, I received just 5-6 calls and it was all from the people who mean the world to me and I to them. I was so content.

Next morning, despite waking up at 8, I was in bed till 11 answering the calls and damn it gets so tiring after a while.. Still it makes me happy. The whatsapp conversations were never ending. And then at 11, the power is lost, which was probably the best thing that happened. I was then able to chill out the traditional way, no phones, no wifi, peace life.

Later that afternoon, I get a call from my friend, Priya, I knew she was coming. I was supposed to meet her in the mall nearby, so I had to get ready, put on the makeup and everything in the dark! It was so cool. I had sweet little surprise waiting for me, a cute little Brownie with ice cream in CCD. That was my second birthday cake! Then we just hung around and ate and talked. I was happy to see her, she travelled almost 50 kilometres for my Birthday! Thank you so much Priya.

I then return home to another surprise. Lights go out again and I have the third cake waiting to be cut with the candle that wouldn’t stop playing the “Happy Birthday” tune. I had to guess who sent the cake. My mom said, “They couldn’t be here, so they sent a cake.” It was two of my friends, Siddhanth and Rohan. I cannot explain how happy and important and loved I had felt. And the day ended with me going out with dad for a tender coconut ice cream from naturals.

This post went long, and by now, everyone knows my nickname. This was so far, the most beautiful birthday, despite all the splendidly celebrated birthdays I have had. I got no words how to explain how satisfied I finally am with my birthday celebration. This day will be cherished forever. Plus, I still have surprises to unfold when college starts!

Until Next time!


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  1. Raj says:

    Happy birthday Shweta….Have many many returns of the day!

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